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The Solution

Due to the abundance of the material and the natural fibers present in it, it gives us a massive scope to create something of value, that’s where we come in with our handmade paper.


  • We make fully natural, chemical-free handmade papers out of water hyacinth, replacing the traditional need for wood pulp.

  • By doing this we not only aid at ecologically restoring the wetland but also give alternative livelihood opportunities to the community dependent on the wetland.

Kumbhi Kaagaz.png


Handmade Sheets

Premium Quality, Blot free handmade sheets in various sizes. Suitable with Print, Craft, Paints etc.

Card Dicche.png



Flaunt your fully Chemical free and Biodegradable Calendar. "Easter Egg - Watch the green sheets turn

pale as the year goes by"



Note Books

The perfect Jazz for your ecofriendly lifestyle. Premium Quality handmade pages and it's a great friend with your fountain pen too.


Business and Greeting Cards

Be it a Business Network or a Wedding, steal the show with these printed cards. Available in custom sizes.

card ke upar card.png

Own a peice of Deepor Beel

From collection of Water Hyacinth to Manufacturing, Kumbhi Kagaz aims at Ecological restoration of the wetland and lone RAMSAR site of Assam. Deepar Beel.

Rejuvenating the Wetland by removal of Water Hyacinth waste and providing alternative livelihood to the communities dependent on it.

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