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Certainly! Here's a product description for your notebook print featuring the Assam Roofed Turtle:


**Assam Roofed Turtle Notebook Print**

Celebrate the beauty of nature with our exclusive Assam Roofed Turtle notebook print. As the name suggests, this stunning design showcases the ART (Assam Roofed Turtle), an endangered species known for its distinctive, roof-like shell. Found in the picturesque state of Assam and surrounding regions, the Assam Roofed Turtle (Pangshura sylhetensis) features a high, domed carapace with a central keel, truly making it an art of nature.

By purchasing this notebook, you're not only appreciating a unique and beautiful design but also raising awareness about the urgent need for conservation. The Assam Roofed Turtle is currently listed as Endangered on the IUCN Red List, facing threats from habitat loss and poaching. This notebook serves as a reminder of the importance of protecting these remarkable creatures and their habitats.

On this World Turtle Day, join us in celebrating and supporting efforts to conserve these incredible turtles. Perfect for nature enthusiasts, conservationists, or anyone who appreciates the wonders of wildlife, this notebook is a meaningful addition to your collection. Happy World Turtle Day!


This description emphasizes the unique features of the Assam Roofed Turtle, the significance of conservation, and the special occasion of World Turtle Day.

Assam Roofed Turtle Print (Hardcover)

₹449.00 Regular Price
₹349.00Sale Price
  • Specifications:

    • Dimensions 17.5 x 11 cm
    • 52 pages
    • 150-180 gsm
    • Handmade paper pages


    • Biodegradable
    • Chemical-free
    • Blotproof
    • 1/4th of water consumption
    • Made from Water Hyacinth
  • Handcrafted Just for You: Our products are meticulously handmade to order, a process that takes 3-6 days to ensure quality and care. Once crafted, your items are swiftly shipped. Please note that shipping times may vary depending on our outsourced delivery partner, typically taking 7-10 days to reach your doorstep. 

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